Anke Jakob


Anke Jakob is a design researcher and practitioner exploring the relationship and interaction of material, light, and digital image, and the resulting visual ambiguities. Her work investigates the development of a new materiality which is defined through the experimental use of projected imagery on surfaces and environments - fusing the physical and the digital, the real and the virtual. The impact of this synthesis on the experience and perception of space is central to Anke's research. Her explorations have led to a divers body of work ranging from multi media installations to performance.

Anke's research and practice is informed by her experience as surface and textile designer, who has been working with digital media and has been engaged in interdisciplinary projects within the realm of architecture and urban design. In this context she is particularly interested in the value of surface, image and material applied within the built environment.

Recently, Anke has been extending her research into the health and wellbeing sector including investigations into the sensory needs of people with dementia and other cognitive impairments. Collaborating with experts from health care and occupational therapy, the particular focus is on exploring the concept and design of Multi Sensory Environments and their use within dementia care.


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